Benefits of triple glazing

Let’s start by answering a simple question; what is triple glazing? We’ll try to do this without getting too complicated.

We should kick off by getting the blatantly obvious out of the way. Whereas double glazing has two panes of glass, triple glazing is a sealed window unit which has three panes of glass. Argon gas is trapped between the inner pane and the middle pane and between the middle pane and the outer pane. Argon has an extremely low level of conductivity which stops heat moving between the panes.

The additional use of a centre pane of glass and an extra gap filled with gas, means you get far superior heat insulation, better noise deadening and excellent levels of security when compared to double or single glazing.

Performance is improved even further with the use of Soft Coat Xtra Glass which features a special coating on the inner panes of glass to provide exceptional levels of thermal and energy performance. Glazing units featuring Soft Coat Xtra glass eliminate cold areas around the window and offers a clear and neutral appearance.

The windows frames themselves also have additional cavities to improve insulation.

In other words, you end up with a far superior window unit when compared to double glazing…and…don’t forget, with Scandinavian Windows, we provide triple glazing for the same price as double glazing.

Let’s now look at the benefits of triple glazing in more detail.

Triple glazing will make your home warmer

You may be familiar with the colourful bar graph which shows the energy efficiency of numerous products. The rating scale is from A (best) to G (worst). When it comes to windows, this rating takes into account the frames as well as the glass.

At Scandinavian Windows, we don’t just aim for the A rating. We have gone two stages further so that all of our triple glazed windows are given an A ++ rating. Put it this way, there is no better level of efficiency on the market than A++.

Windows are also given a U-value rating. This measures how easily heat (or cold) can pass through the panes of glass. It shows how efficient the window unit is at retaining warmth and transmitting solar energy from outside. The lower numbers are best. For example, a window with just a single pane of glass has a U-value in excess of 5. The cold temperature outside is easily transmitted inside or, vice versa, the heat you are producing inside your property easily escapes. Most of you will be familiar with condensation streaming down windows on a cold day. This is caused by warm, moist air in your home coming into contact with the cold window.

Double glazing, as you would expect, performs better than just a single pane of glass. The sort of units in most houses today will have a U-value of around 3.

So, what about the triple glazed units installed by Scandinavian Windows? All of our units with Argon gas and Soft Coat Xtra glazing, fitted into multiple internal chamber frames, have an amazing U-value of 0.8. The heat stays inside; the cold air outside is kept at bay. Scandinavian Windows can reduce your home heating bills by as much as 40 per cent. You keep your money in your pocket. It’s also why triple glazing is a popular choice in colder countries where homeowners are looking for minimum energy loss, to reduce energy costs, as well as staying warm.

Get the extra pane without the financial pain!

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Triple glazing will make your home safer

The extra pane of glass makes windows a lot harder to smash, therefore improving security and reducing the chances of intrusion from unwanted guests. The centre pane of every triple glazed unit fitted by Scandinavian Windows is made from toughened glass for additional security and peace of mind. If you wish, we can also specify laminated glass.

We also fit the latest multi-point locking systems to all of our windows. Every window is fitted with shoot-bolts which, when the locks are activated, extend out from the top and bottom of the frames and slot into the outer frames.

Sturdy hinges and handles are fitted. These have been tested to over 600 hours of punishment, roughly three times the industry standard, ensuring long term, trouble free performance.

The windows themselves are fitted into the frames from inside your property ensuring they cannot be removed from outside.

All frames are tough, robust and durable with fully welded joints. This ensures that the frames will always remain strong and secure.

Triple glazing will make your home quiter

Triple glazing helps to block out disturbances from passing traffic, wildlife and neighbours.

You’ll notice the difference immediately. You’ll certainly appreciate the sound insulating effects if you live near a busy road, an airport or somewhere that frequently has groups of people walking passed or where music is playing. It will make watching TV, having a conversation or getting to sleep, much easier.

Triple glazing adds value to your home

If you decide to sell your home, the fact that you have fitted triple glazing will be a huge advantage. You will also find it beneficial if you decide to rent out your property. The quality and finish of the window units will add to the exterior appearance of your property. All of the window frames used by Scandinavian Windows feature 100 per cent virgin PVCu on all of the external surfaces. This ensures that the frames retain a quality finish and don’t discolour. We never compromise when it comes to quality and performance.

So, there you go. Triple glazing really does provide a win, win, win, win when compared to double or single glazing.

Remember, you get all of these benefits for the same price as quality double glazing.

We’ll make your home warmer, safer, quieter.

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