A++ Rated French Doors

If there is something that adds a real sense of style to your home, it is French doors. They are ideal for use in sunrooms, conservatories and living rooms that would benefit from easier and better access between your home and the garden, patio or decking area. French doors can also act as an exciting alternative to panel doors for your front entrance.

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Improved Security
Multi-point locking systems as standard.

Bespoke to your needs
Range of opening configurations & styles available.

Energy Efficient
A++ ratings with standard triple glazing.

Energy Efficient
Whole window U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing.


Scandinavian Windows are the only company
in the north east that offers Triple Glazing as Standard

  Double Glazed Triple Glazed
U Value
(the lower the number the better the efficiency)
1.4 0.8
Window Energy Rating
(the best available)
A A++
Number of Profile Chambers
(more chambers = less heat loss and quieter)
5 6
Thickness of Sealed Unit / Number of Panes 28mm/2 40mm/3
Shoot Bolt Locks as Standard
(additional security)
Centre Pane Toughened
(0.6 uvalue to passive haus standard)
Guarantee 10 Years 15 Years
Insulation Properties Silicone Seal to perimeter
(no insulating properties)
Iso Chem
(breathable foam to perimeter)
Average Cost per M2
(max 10% more than double glazing)
£273 £300
EPC Value
(higher house value)
Lower Higher

Triple Glazed
as Standard

Double V Triple – see our table for more details
Every French door fitted by us comes with triple-glazing and multi-chambered frames as standard, ensuring the highest levels of energy performance. Not only do we offer a superior product, but we also match this with superior service, thanks to over 30 years of experience in fitting windows and doors. This means that no matter your needs, we will measure, design, and fit right every time.

Why buy double?
You can buy Triple for almost the same price

Expansive and
spacious views

French doors also provide maximum light exposure and, even when closed, extended views of the garden or surrounding area.

Although they traditionally open outwards, our range includes both inward and outward opening French doors. French doors are traditionally used to open onto something such as a patio or garden. This means you can view your patio or decking as an extension of the house, making your property feel much more spacious and expansive.

A++ Rated

French Doors are fitted with Float/Soft Coat triple glazing units, ensuring savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. Available with triple glazing – allowing all the benefits that come with a French Door without having to compromise on energy efficiency.

Why install A rated products with a gap around that reduces the efficiency of your window. We apply ISO Bloco for a cleaner and better performing window seal.

More Energy Saving
High performance weather, thermal and acoustic seal

Increased Performance
Cleaner look and better performance than silicone

Longer Life Expectancy
Performs and outlast standard silicone seals

High security
as standard

Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our frames are mechanically strong, tough and durable, backed by a 15 year product performance guarantee.

French doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms, ensuring that both openings remain safely and securely fixed together when in their locked position. Restrictors are fitted as standard to all outward opening doors for additional safety.

Double Glazing

As the north east of England’s leading supplier and Installer of triple glazing, Here at Scandinavian windows we pride ourselves in offering a triple glazed window with the best u-values and rating on the market today (0.8 u-value A++ Rated)

However we do understand there is still a massive market for double glazing. So if it’s double glazing you want, double glazing you can have. We can offer a double glazed window that comes with a like for like price match Installed to the highest of standards.

Why go through the unnecessary, boring process of shopping round, being visited by high pressured sales people?

Whatever your glazing needs might be Scandinavian windows can help you.

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