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Scandinavian service:
an overview

From point of enquiry through to completion of any work, and any aftercare service required thereafter, we have robust systems built into our organisation to ensure that each and every client has the same very high level of customer experience first time and every time. These systems have been finely honed over the years we have worked within the glazing industry, (each key person within Scandinavian Windows has a minimum of 30 years’ experience).

Our aim is to give every customer the most amount of product and service for the least amount of money, which sounds obvious, however within most of the glazing industry a customer’s first contact with any Company is by way of a commission based sales person whose brief is to give you the least amount of product for the most amount of money, (earning high commission) which results in poor quality products or poor design or worst of all both.

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Scandinavian Windows are the only company
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A step by step guide to our service

Were with you at every step of the way,

Step 1

How we deal with
your enquiry

We have a Freephone number for enquiries which is answered 24/7. If an enquiry manager is not available we will take some details and arrange for him/her to ring you back within 30mins.

On Line, Customer Referral, On Site Enquiry
You will be contacted by an enquiry manager within 24 hours.

What happens next
Once you have spoken to an enquiry manager and it has been ascertained that we may be able to help you with any of our products and services, we will arrange a mutual time with yourself for one of our highly experienced window designers to meet with you at your home and discuss your requirements in more detail. We will confirm the day and time of the meeting in an email with the name of the person from Scandinavian Windows who will be attending.

Step 2

What to expect at
the meeting

Meeting time is usually around an hour

Our first priority is to arrive on time for the meeting, and with modern sat nav arriving late for a meeting is a very rare occurrence, (albeit unforgivable as far as we are concerned).

Once we have listened to your brief we will conduct a visual inspection of the areas where you are proposing improvements and highlight what benefits would be achieved with our high performance products.

If in our opinion you would benefit from any upgrades to your home and you are in agreement we will measure up and go through the design process with you.

Our highly experienced designer will consider various factors including the age and style of your home, the style of the surrounding properties, how you would like your new windows, doors or conservatory to function, how you would like them to look, any set budget to work towards etc.

Having considered all the relevant factors we will then design your upgrades and talk you through the full specification and costing’s.

We work from a fixed price list and do not adopt any of the silly gimmicks such as if you sign on the day discounts or limited time 50% off sale. We believe at this point in the process it is not about trying at all costs to make a Sale, it is about us being confident that what we are proposing is right for you and your home, and if you were to place an order we would be happy knowing that we have helped you to make an informed and comfortable Purchase.

Finally we will confirm the full results of the meeting to you in an email.

Step 3

Placing your order

Once an order has been placed we will transfer the full specifications and costing’s onto an order form and go through our main terms and conditions prior to your confirmation. At this stage we would take a 50% deposit prior to sending your order to our Surveying department.

Step 4

What happens on
survey day?

The Surveyor will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a time that is convenient to you, for him to call out and survey the proposed upgrades. All of our Surveyors are time served with a minimum of 20 years’ experience. Once all the critical measurements have been taken the Surveyor will go through all the details to confirm everything prior to the order going to manufacture. It will be confirmed what we are contracted to do and if anything what we require from you, (removal of curtains, ornaments etc.) to allow us to complete the upgrades. The completed survey will then be sent to the Installation department within 24 hours.

Step 5

Your installation

Upon the installation department receiving the completed survey you will receive a courtesy call to let you know all orders have been placed and that we will contact you again closer to the delivery time, (not more than two weeks) to arrange an installation date. He will at this point explain more about the schedule of works etc. It will be confirmed how long the work is likely to take and what if anything we require to be done by you prior to starting. At this point he will also confirm how the balance is to be paid so this can be planned for the date of completion.

Every installation is allocated a dedicated Project Manager who will be on site during all key stages i.e. start, during and most importantly at the end to sign off the work prior to the installation team leaving. All of our installation teams are headed up with a foreman who will have at least 20 years’ experience and right from the start he and his teams’ priority will be to respect your home and belongings.

The dust sheets we use will be either brand new or straight from the cleaners. Absolute care will be taken in removing any existing frames etc. to eliminate any unnecessary damage to the structure or décor of your home. We take the view that the most important part of an installation is how we go about removing the existing frames and glass as this requires more skill than installing the new ones. This skill only comes with the years of experience working on so many properties encountering a multitude of different situations.

On completion of the installation all of the frames and glass will be cleaned and polished, all surrounding areas will be vacuumed and the foreman will walk around the installation with you to demonstrate all functions.

At this point the project manager will confirm with the team that everything on the order has been completed and together with you he will fully inspect the installation prior to signing off. You will be asked a few questions as to how everything went for the benefit of our quality control and if all is well we will request the balance to be paid. Once the balance is paid we will send out your receipt and guarantee within 48 hours either by email or post, whichever you prefer.
(Time from order to completion is no more than three weeks)

Step 6

Compliants, remedials
and case studies

It is our policy to deal with a complaint at least as quick if not quicker and efficiently as we deal with an initial enquiry. We have agreements with our suppliers that in the unlikely event that a mistake has been made that a re- order will be fast tracked through the production process within three days of ordering.

We also ask our customers to provide an independent review or case study of the products and service we have delivered although this is not obligatory.

Exceptional service

“We can’t believe how much warmer and quieter our home is. We have had to turn the heating down and the traffic noise has gone. The design advice given by Scandinavian Windows has proved invaluable.”

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