A++ Rated Replacement Glass Roof

You can now replace your old tired conservatory roof with a new high performance glass roof.

Upgrade your tired old conservatory

We are the leading supplier of triple glazing conservatory roofs, offering state of the art warm edge technology, low light transmission and self cleaning technology.

The triple glazed roof units we supply are the best products on the market. They are manufactured for us by a UK company. None of the triple glazed windows and frames are ‘off the shelf’. Each one is custom made especially for Scandinavian Windows.

  • We provide you with triple glazing for the same price as double glazing.
  • We do not employ commission-based sales people.
  • We do not employ contractors.
  • Triple glazing is warmer, safer and quieter than double glazing.
  • You cannot get better windows anywhere in the UK and they’re quality assured.

Glass roof options
unsurpassed solar control and thermal performance

With every installation your conservatory will come with high performance SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86. This glass represents the very pinnacle in terms of glass technologies for conservatory and glazed roofing areas and is unsurpassed in the UK market. With a G Value of just 0.14 it’s some 18% better than the nearest competitor.


U-Value – Measures heat loss through the unit in winter months. The lower the U-Value, the warmer in winter the room will be.


G-Value – Shows the percentage of the sun’s heat able to pass through the unit. A G-Value of 14% means that 86% of the sun’s heat is reflected back or absorbed by the glass.

Light Transmission

Light Transmittance – Percentage of visible light able to pass through the unit. The lower the light transmittance, the lower the glare within the room.

True Self Clean

True Self Clean – Only a true self-cleaning roof does exactly that,cleans itself. Using a specially coated glass, a chemical reaction physically breaks down and washes away dirt.

Warm Edge

Warm Edge Technology – The use of a spacer bar that is up to 950 times less conductive than aluminium, thereby increasing internal temperatures around the edges and vastly reducing condensation.

Product Solar
U-Value True Self Clean Argon Filled
Low E
Warm Edge
SmartGlass Ultra 86
Installed as standard by Scandanavian
14% 15% 1.0 Yes Yes Yes
Standard Clear Glass
Industry standard
80% 83% 2.7 No No No

Get the extra pane without the financial pain!

You’ll be surprised at our prices… Give us a try!

Double Glazing

As the north east of England’s leading supplier and Installer of triple glazing, Here at Scandinavian windows we pride ourselves in offering a triple glazed window with the best u-values and rating on the market today (0.8 u-value A++ Rated)

However we do understand there is still a massive market for double glazing. So if it’s double glazing you want, double glazing you can have. We can offer a double glazed window that comes with a like for like price match Installed to the highest of standards.

Why go through the unnecessary, boring process of shopping round, being visited by high pressured sales people?

Whatever your glazing needs might be Scandinavian windows can help you.

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Replacement Glass Roof

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