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What is Triple Glazing and How Does it Work?

Latest figures show that triple glazing is 40 percent more energy efficient than double glazing. In other words, the mere addition of an extra pane and high-performance frames will ensure that your home will stay warmer for longer and therefore use less fuel. It is also worth bearing in mind that your carbon emissions will […]

Triple Glazing v Double Glazing

Over time, we are being urged to make the switch from double to triple glazing in the quest to improve the energy performance of our windows. However, many people are still of the opinion that double glazing is the most appropriate option for making their home warmer, safer and quieter. That isn’t necessarily the case, […]

Composite Doors vs Wooden Doors

Ever thought about replacing your front or rear door? You probably thought it would be straight forward. Think again. Do you go for wood, uPVC or Composite? It probably comes down to your preference, requirements and price. Softwood Doors If the price is your primary concern, you will end up with a softwood door. However, […]

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