Are Scandinavian triple glazed windows a lot more expensive than double glazed windows?

Most of the larger companies who provide Triple glazing in our region will add a large premium to the cost of their Standard Double glazing.  This is normally due to their factories been geared up for double glazing or they simply don’t want to sell it.

Here at Scandinavian Windows we only supply and install high-performance triple glazing. We do not have the overheads that the larger companies have therefore we can offer our customers the best window on the marketplace today at a cost no more than what the larger companies would charge for their double glazed Systems.

Do Scandinavian windows employ high pressured commission based sales people?

Scandinavian Windows only use highly experienced designers when visiting our potential customers.

We will advise our potential customers as to how our products can meet their needs and solve any problems they may be having with their existing windows or how they could benefit from a new Conservatory.

During our visit, we will deliver an accurate cost of the project with no hidden extras and no high pressured sales tactics.

Are Scandinavian Windows a local or national company?

Scandinavian windows are a company based in Sunderland in the north east of England. We supply and install windows to the whole of the north east, north Yorkshire, Northumberland and Cumbria. We tend to stick to these areas in order to provide our customers with the best of service.

How does triple glazing work?

Our triple glazed windows are manufactured to highest of standards.

Each one of the Panes of glass are treated differently to give a maximum performance against heat loss, condensation, external noise levels and more.

The inner pane is Pilkington k glass to keep the heat in your home.

The middle pane is Pilkington k and toughened glass designed to stabilize the other two.

The outer pane is low iron glass to keep the cold out.

Together the panes are separated by two warm edge spacer bars and filled with argon.

These features combined together with a six chambered fully reinforced Pvcu frame give the lowest possible 0.8 u-value with an A ++ rating.

Why should I choose Scandinavian Windows?

No other company will beat our quality. Our product is the best available on the market with a proven track record. It is certified for its energy performance and security, and the service we provide alongside is second to none. We have a long list of very satisfied customers. We don’t accept anything less. That’s what we are all about.

Get the extra pane without the financial pain!

You’ll be surprised at our prices… Give us a try!

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