Composite Doors vs Wooden Doors

Ever thought about replacing your front or rear door? You probably thought it would be straight forward. Think again. Do you go for wood, uPVC or Composite?

It probably comes down to your preference, requirements and price.

Softwood Doors

If the price is your primary concern, you will end up with a softwood door. However, don’t expect them to last very long, look all that great, be secure, or indeed, maintenance free. Softwood doors will need to be painted on an all-to-regular basis and will swell during wet weather.

The lock on a softwood door is usually a mortice lock integrated into the handle, or a Yale type lock higher up the door. Or sometimes both. The locks go into a metal recess on a wooden frame which can easily splinter. They have low levels of energy efficiency and almost zero sound proofing. Scandinavian Windows does not fit wooden doors or windows.

The Benefits: Other than price, not many!

uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are much better. Every uPVC door supplied by us has a high-security multi-locking system. Any glazing is always triple glazed. We do not offer single or double glazing.

The Benefits: They will be excellent when it comes to heat insulation, and you will notice a definite decrease in external noise. If you are looking for the balance between price, energy efficiency, security and soundproofing, a uPVC will be ideal.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are the pinnacle of doors. Constructed from a variety of robust materials, most notably a reinforced steel frame and a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin. The frames are also multi-cavity, and the door itself is foam filled. If you are not familiar with GRP, it is extremely tough; it won’t dent, and it offers incredible levels of strength.

The Benefits: Put together all of these construction features and you end up with a door that is perfect for a patio or indeed anywhere else where you need high levels of energy efficiency, terrific sound-deadening properties and the sort of security levels that will keep any intruders at bay and keep you safe and sound in your home.

You can get composite doors in a wide range of finishes and colours. They come with a 15 year Scandinavian Windows guarantee and should be maintenance free. Light oiling to the hinges and locking mechanisms every now and again is all they’ll require.

At Scandinavian Windows, we always recommend composite doors. They are the best doors on the market, so check out our range of composite doors today.