Case Study – Ms McKay

Client Name: Ms. Trudy McKay

Address: The Davy Lamp Kelloe Durham

Product: 8 windows

Source of Enquiry: Price engines

Client Brief:  
Ms McKay had just bought the business and moved into the upstairs flat.
When Trudy moved in she quickly realized that the windows were in poor condition, replacing them was one of the first improvements that had to be made. The existing windows were old, single glazed and timber framed. Three companies were invited to quote for new windows via an online search.

Proposed Method:
Scandinavian windows were the first company to visit Trudy. We established the fact that our high-performance triple glazed windows would be ideal for Trudy as the old timber windows were drafty, insecure, and as the property is on a busy road they were noisy.
We explained the fact that our windows have a u-value as low as 0.8 and are A++ rated. We explained that our triple glazed windows are 40 % more efficient than average double glazing and would substantially cut down the outside noise levels.
As none of the other companies that Trudy had booked could offer this, she decided to cancel the appointments with the other companies and place an order with Scandinavian windows.

The installation was completed in three days and everything within the brief was satisfied without a single compromise. Trudy has gone from windows with a U-Value of 3.5 to the best possible windows with a U-Value of 0.8 which is nearly 5 times more energy efficient. There is a minimum of 40db reduction of outside noise entering their home and with triple glazing and shoot bolt locks they have the benefit of enhanced security.

Customer Comments:
The Lads were very efficient, helpful and worked all day and into the night. They did not complain they just carried on working till the job was complete. They left the property clean and tidy. I have noticed a big difference in the room temperature and the noise from outside.
I am very impressed with Scandinavian windows. I have already ordered the next lot for my bar.

Customer Rating:
10 out of 10