The transition from single glazing to double

It took the British decades to change from single glazing to double glazing, not because of anything tangible but just down to misconceptions within the glazing industry. Companies supplying single glazing in the late 1970s and early 1980s were misinforming their customers by playing down the benefits of double glazing so as to hold on to out-dated technology rather than invest in new, and for those customers who were a bit better informed about double glazing they were given ridiculous costs which prohibited the purchase of up to date windows at the time. These Companies were not alone in stifling the market place as our very own Building Control Department were very slow to adopt double glazing into standard building practice. History has determined how wrong they all were. Most of the homes in the British Isles have at least first generation double glazing installed.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice

Here we are now in 2016 and there is a great chance of history repeating itself. Triple Glazing is available in the market place and the benefits over double glazing are significant and proven yet we have double glazing companies doing exactly the same today as the single glazing companies did in the 70s. They are misinforming their customers as to the benefits, and if their customers insist on triple glazing they attach a high cost option to triple steering them into a purchase for double.

Get the extra pane without the financial pain!

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What our neighbours are doing

The rest of Europe has embraced the benefits that triple has over double, take Germany as an example, in 2005 less than 5% of window installations were triple glazed and today it is close to 60% of installs being triple glazed. Across most of Europe it has become standard to install triple glazing.

The birth of Scandinavian Windows

David Turnbull together with David Coates, Mark Worthy & Allen Glasper have spent all of their working lives in the window industry, and collectively have over 130 years’ experience to draw upon. They were frustrated and saddened by the lack of uptake for triple glazing in the UK compared to the rest of Europe, so much so that they set up a Triple Glazing Company in the North East of England. Their mission is to make Triple Glazing standard in the UK and provide the very best window available at a sensible price. In some cases the cost of their windows is less than what some companies are selling out-dated double glazing for. They provide high quality, high performing Triple Glazing as standard, hence the company name and strap line, “Scandinavian Windows, Triple Glazing as Standard” as Scandinavian Countries have had triple glazing since 1978 and all of their installations today are triple glazed.

There is only one way to go…….Triple

We believe the smart choice for windows today has to be Triple Glazed. We are all becoming more discerning today, we know there are measured differences in the way a window performs, not all windows are the same; our windows are proven to be Warmer, Safer & Quieter than out dated double glazing. The cost of energy is increasing year on year and if the Government is to reach its target for zero carbon homes by 2020 it will only be able to achieve this by adopting Triple Glazing as the standard building practice in the UK. Triple Glazing will become mainstream in the UK within a short period, and anyone buying double glazing today is investing in technology which is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Our demand for more performance

We all demand high performance products today such as cars that are more powerful yet fuel efficient, boilers that burn less energy and at the same time produce more heat, we embrace this technology without question so surely it makes sense to demand a window that loses up to 50% less heat, is the most secure and reduces the level of outside noise entering our homes.

more efficient

We are the only company in the North East to provide Triple glazing as standard…
Warmer, Safer, Quieter at a sensible price

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